Darth Vader in a NebulaI do in the dew

what others cannot see

That place of windless Aire

existing in every tree

This is not physical

but a relation of mind

to live in the system

with no worry of time

bound in the will

choices i have made

give me the option

to lie in the shade

pick a leaf or a shave of the bark

I see the same story;

That trees can hold


C. L. Pridemore copyright © 2008


The answers lie

Within our minds

Using logistical, semantical reason

Will chase IT from where it hides

Wars cannot stop it

Death will encourage it

For from the ruins

Come flowers

From the flowers

Begins the True Circle

–CLPridemore 2008©

Photo of George W. Bush hugging the \

NOPE. I don’t believe in either one… They both use religion to control and oppress people.

I’ve been promising my daughter, Kali to make a site for her business. I’m currently in process of writing a small application to for employees to calculate what size box to use for shipping. It will first determine if an in-stock box is needed or if they need to make a box — and what size does it need to be.

Kali says that while it’s not complicated to teach someone how to calculate this, the employee turn-over is high in her business and they don’t use this skill very often. Many times, this task is left to her or she is training and re-training on the subject.

We have a testing site at http://shippingstore.wordpress.com – it’s not much now… but I’m workin’ on it!

I’ve intentionally not put the correct title for this post.  No one reads this blog anyway!

Posted: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 6:24AM

Elgin Club Tries to Tune In MTV

Courier News Reporting
ELGIN– Downtown Elgin could be getting its MTV.

Producers from the music television network say they will film a pilot show at The Mission nightclub, 209 E. Chicago St., this summer.

Well, they might, said The Mission General Manager Geoff Sands. Shows often fall through, he pointed out.

“We did everything on our end to make it happen,” Sands said.

“It’s a TV show, but I can’t say what it’s about,” he added, because he’s been sworn to secrecy.

The Mission, a popular dance club that is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, is owned by Dave Shelton, a well- known name in the business. Sands suggested that his boss’ experience as a longtime club owner may be the impetus for the MTV show.

“It’s because of him,” he said.

The taping had been scheduled to happen by the end of the month, but production now has been pushed back to later this summer, Sands said.

“They haven’t set a new date yet,” he said.

The proposed pilot program is on the city council’s agenda. Council members will consider amending the city’s liquor code to create a “Limited-duration Class R video production permit.”

The amendment is necessary because underage youths and those old enough to drink will be “mixed together” during the taping, City Manager Olufemi Folarin said.

The club’s configuration allows for alcohol to be served on one floor and for underage party-goers to gather on a separate, non-alcoholic floor.

The producers wish to combine the two groups of people “to ensure the nightclub is well populated with patrons for the filming,” according to a city hall memo.

Admission to the taping will be by invitation only, restricted to people 17 and older.

The permit will expire 30 days after issue, Folarin said. So, if the council approves the permit tonight, The Mission will not have to obtain the permit until shortly before the taping, he said, but merely renew it.

Hey! It’s been a while! Yeah. No joke. I’ve started a great job at Syclo in Hoffman Estates, IL. They are a business mobile software provider and I work in the Quality Assurance department. (http://syclo.com) I’m extremely happy working for such an fantastic company. We are growing fast, so if you have a computer science background and are looking to work for the latest kewl company in Chicago… send me an e-mail at cpridemore@syclo.com. Lots of benefits, perks and a great bunch of people. [We even have a massuse come in every month to massage our sore bods — these people know how to take care of their employees!]

I’m starting a new job today. I’ll be working for Class on Demand in Hoffman Estates, IL. They are a leading Multimedia Software Training Company. Here’s their site: http://www.classondemand.net

About Class on Demand
Class on Demand is a leading producer of education and training programs. Its products and services address the needs of individuals, professionals and corporate training. Current programs cover a broad spectrum of content including video capture and editing, computer animation, federally mandated training, customized corporate training and vocational education. Please visit our web site (www.classondemand.net) for additional information regarding our products and services. Class on Demand is a registered trademark of Class on Demand, Incorporated

I’m only working part-time for them, but it’s a talented crowd, so I hope some of it rubs off on me!